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It’s amazing the number of great ideas and dreams killed by the laughter of a family member colleague, or expert.


This is a disease known as cynicism. Cynicism is a belief that people are motivated in all their actions only by selfishness. It denies the sincerity of people’s actions or of the value of living.


I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve spoken with who tell me they dream of starting an Internet marketing business… and then never do. The main reason, they tell me, is usually that they do not know enough about the Internet - yet - and are not quite done with their research and "studies." They always have to meet one more guru… attend one more seminar… study one more course… master one more technology. And then they’ll be ready to go. If you fall into this category, my advice to you is: Stop studying. You already know enough to start - more than enough, in fact. The rest you will learn better by DOING it than by reading about it.


It won’t even cost you a lot, since the Internet is very forgiving of mistakes: You can test-market any new information product for a few hundred rands or less. Or try to hang your product on my website (free of charge), so your web address will be www.yourproduct.wongantshinga.com.


Ready to take action? Good. Now here’s your challenge: Create your first product… and put up a site or landing page to market it… by the end of the month. (That’s exactly a month from today.)


Not a day later.


Because if you don’t take action now, I fear you never will. And I don’t want you to miss out on all the fun - and money - that can be yours when you start or jumpstart your Internet marketing business this year.


Let me know if you want me to assist you…



Many of us find ourselves in circumstances that hinder our dreams. These external circumstances may be the job we have, the type of career we have chosen, the family we were born into, the friends we hang around or poor financial circumstances. It is very easy to view external circumstances as things beyond our control. And of course, some of them are truly beyond our control. If a truck hits you and breaks your leg that, of course, is an external circumstance beyond your control. But many of us take this too far. We start viewing everything that happens to us as beyond our control.


Maybe you have heard the old adage, “We make our own luck”. This type of attitude is far more realistic than it is fantasy. Some people, of course, are struck with cancer or some other terrible disease by heredity, but most of us have bad health because of our bad health habits. We love fried food instead of vegetables causing our bad health. Most of us have money problems because we spend more money than we bring in or we do not save for those bad situations that arise. Many people get caught up in smoking or drugs or bad situations because of the people they hang around.


Whatever circumstances you currently face, write them down. Think about whether the circumstances are actually outside you or did you create the circumstances you face? If they are truly from outside you, do you still have some control over them? The answer is probably yes yes yes.


Extract from Dream High! By Conway Stone.


Don't worry about being better than anyone else, for that will only get you resentment. Instead, focus on being better than yourself. Make today an improvement over yesterday. And when tomorrow rolls around, find a way to improve even more.

Comparing yourself to others will only lead to disappointment or arrogance, neither of which will be of positive value to you. Instead, compare yourself to yourself and then you truly have something with which to work.

When you seek to become better than yourself, there's no one who will be threatened by that. You are unique and beyond compare, so make the most of it.

Stop worrying about how you compare to others. Put that energy to positive use by being the best you can be, and then by being even better than that.

Author: Unknown to me...


If it seems that the world needs a little more kindness, be the one to put it there. If you see something that needs to be done, be the one to do it.

When you come across a problem, be the one to work out a solution, and to turn that problem into an opportunity. When the time is ripe for a fresh perspective, be the one to offer your opinion.

If no one is sure of what to do or say, be the one to offer a genuine smile and a kind word of reassurance. When there is something that must be said, be the one to speak up and get it out in the open.

If everyone waits for someone else to make the first move, nothing ever gets done. Be the one to step forward and get all those around you moving in a positive direction. The world needs those who are willing to get things going. And life richly rewards those who do it.

Take the initiative and be a leader. Someone has to do it, and you can be the one.

Author: Unknown to me...