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Welcome to my motivational home on the Net!

This site was created with the aim of motivating people around the world. I will share all the motivational material I come across in this website!

I hope you find joy, happiness, and success at all times!


Keep well!

Wonga Ntshinga is a property investor, estate manager, facilitator, lecturer, creative coach, and NBI Practitioner. 


Success is not a secret. It is a choice that is made over and over again. Success is not something that can be denied to you. It is something that you can always choose to accept.

How do you accept success? You accept success by making the effort instead of making excuses. You accept success by taking responsibility instead of counting on someone else to do it for you. You accept success by being truthful with others and, just as importantly, with yourself.

You accept success when things get tough, by being positive and innovative instead of becoming despondent. You accept success by being who you are and by contributing what you can, rather than pretending to be someone else.

Every day you can choose either to accept success or to just let it pass you by. With each thought, each word, each action, choose to accept success.

Author: Unknown

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To reach any goal you choose, it's really not that complicated or even all that difficult. It is mainly a matter of acting on it. One way or another, action is what will make the difference. Action is what will take you to where you want to go, and action is what you can surely do.

If you feel frustration along the way, don't let yourself get bogged down in it. Decide to turn the energy of your frustration into positive action. If you become worried about what could happen, there's a great way to get beyond that worry. Take the actions necessary to make sure that whatever you're worried about cannot and does not happen.

If one path becomes blocked, don't spend a lot of time and energy complaining or regretting or feeling sorry for yourself. Instead, find another path and get yourself on it, for it is surely there.

The difference between those who merely wish and those who actually arrive is always action. Act on it, with persistence, with commitment, with positive purpose, and it will be.

Author: Unknown to me...


Only thoughts can be changed, both the mind and the consciousness are fixed.

No reality exists until your thoughts make it real.

By continually being negative and derogative about yourself and regarding yourself as inferior, you are hampering your versatile possibilities.

On this earth we only live once, but if we live right, once is enough.